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The Most Festive Platonic Solids (Ebook)

Do you want a really mathematical decoration for your home or for school? We present to you the five Platonic solids, ready to print, assemble and hang on the tree, the door, the balcony, or wherever you want!

Did you know that there are only five regular polyhedra, i.e. 3D objects that have equal faces and interior angles? To demonstrate that there aren’t any more, we only need to look at the various options we have to join polygons around a vertex.

The ancient Greeks, from mathematicians such as Pythagoras or Euclid to philosophers such as Plato (after whom these are named) or Aristotle, already knew of these five polyhedra; they venerated their purity and even associated them with the elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether or cosmos.

As you can see, we have been inspired by Platonic solids for centuries. And we have been inspired too…. Five decorative challenges for this holiday season! We suggest you meet our characters, solve the challenges, and assemble your own Platonic solids. We hope you end up with a nice geometric decoration!

  • Albert Vilalta

    Trained Engineer and a vocational Mathematics Professor. Currently he is a professor in the Education department of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and is finishing a doctorate in Mathematics Education. He combines his university roles with teacher trainings and, above all, his investigation, communication and conceptualization responsibilities in the education department of Innovamat.

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