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  • Frank Sabaté

    Back when computers were not as we currently know them, he had the idea of dedicating his life to the relationship between technology and education. He has combined his work as an elementary school teacher with a specialization in robotics and computer programming in the classroom. He has given many teacher trainings on computational thinking, STEM, globalized work, etc. He is currently part of the teaching team, after having being part of bringing the Innovamat curriculum to classrooms for many years.

  • Julio García

    Graduated in Primary Education from the University of Barcelona and has a technical college degree in Production of Audiovisuals and Shows from the School of Audiovisual Media of Barcelona. As a teacher, he has always specialized in mathematics, teaching in all elementary grades. He has also been a teacher trainer in mathematics. At Innovamat, he has led the Digital Teaching department, and is currently responsible for assessment.

  • Laura Morera

    I’m Laura Morera and I was born in Barcelona. I studied Mathematics at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña and afterwards I studied a doctorate in Mathematics Education and Experimental Sciences at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. I have worked as a math teacher in elementary and middle school. Currently, as well as supporting a part of the Innovamat course, I teach the interuniversity Middle School Mathematics Education Master and also Teaching in the Educational Sciences Faculty of UAB. Additionally, I also lead the Association of Scientific Leisure and the non-profit eXplorium and offer continual teacher training.