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  • Cecilia Calvo

    I’m Cecilia and I was born in Montevideo. I have a degree in Mathematics from the Sciences faculty from Universidad de la República in Uruguay, from the first year of my degree I knew that mathematic education was the path for me. In 1994, I wanted to continue my adventure in Barcelona where I started my postgraduate in Experimental Sciences and Mathematics Education in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. I completed my doctorate in 2001. The classroom has always been my second home. After 30 years working with students, I currently dedicate part of my work to initial and continuous mathematics teacher training and, since 2017, the development of materials for student’s use in Innovamat. I like to think that I am always learning.

  • Laura Ansorena

    Trained in Architecture and is a teacher by vocation. She likes beautiful, real things, like math. She is currently a teacher of Mathematics, Technical Drawing and Design at Aula Escola Europea. She combines teaching with a collaboration in the Innovamat Teaching department.