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  • Anna Llobet

    Content Writer and Communications. While studying at Barcelona’s Universidad Pompeu Fabra, she realized the importance of communication in transmitting knowledge and emotions. She has always been very interested in education and the values surrounding learning math: “Math is also a language to explain the world.”

  • Cecilia Calvo

    I’m Cecilia and I was born in Montevideo. I have a degree in Mathematics from the Sciences faculty from Universidad de la República in Uruguay, from the first year of my degree I knew that mathematic education was the path for me. In 1994, I wanted to continue my adventure in Barcelona where I started my postgraduate in Experimental Sciences and Mathematics Education in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. I completed my doctorate in 2001. The classroom has always been my second home. After 30 years working with students, I currently dedicate part of my work to initial and continuous mathematics teacher training and, since 2017, the development of materials for student’s use in Innovamat. I like to think that I am always learning.