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A very festive mathematical activity

Activitat matemàtica festiva

Someone will be the odd one out at these parties!

The characters in the Innovamat math adventures have done their thing: they have prepared a math activity especially designed to help you learn and have fun in the classroom and at home.

Will you be able to discover the one that doesn’t belong? You can download the activity and see what it’s all about. 😉

In this challenge, we suggest a popular Innovamat activity: a WODB exercise.

This is a math exercise in which you must discover which one does not belong? There are four images, and you must find the one that stands out in a unique and special way.

But be careful, did you know that the WODB exercise hides a secret? There is no single correct answer!

The key is to make connections and realize that, using the right arguments, every single one of the images could be the one that stands out. There are even times when the same image can be considered the one that doesn’t belong for different reasons.

We propose three WODB exercises for all ages. In the downloadable sheet, you can also find possible solutions that are perfect examples of classroom or home situations.

For the most daring, we suggest you make up your own personalized WODB with tree decorations, figurines or any other objects you have at home.

You can enjoy the activity and share the solutions or your own WODB problems on Instagram.

We hope to see you on our network!

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